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Freo Venue

As Falls enters its 24th year of delivering iconic summer festivals on the East Coast we’ll be bringing all the trimmings and tricks to roll-out great times in our Freo debut. We aren’t just continuing the rich history of presenting amazing live music with world-class production. At Falls Downtown there will also be rooftop camping, thoughtful facilities, makers’ markets, visual arts performances, the danceteria, the old time diner & music hall, creative installations, pop-up bars, beer gardens, food trucks, restaurants, community involvement, interactive games, activities, shaded areas and pass-outs to enjoy all the Fremantle delights including Bathers Beach, Fremantle Markets, local traders and more. This cultural summer smorgasbord is built for you with love, care and respect by the experienced Falls team and their best WA friends.

Falls Downtown will be taking over abandoned and repurposed buildings; old-world ballrooms; city streets and town squares of the Kings, so you can be entertained, enlightened and excited by the magical, memorable festival moments on offer. It’s the world famous Falls brand of carefully curated music, food, drinks, art and performances that will guarantee to make this magic. Take a look...


See your favourite headliners on the Main Stage, situated under the open night sky of the town square. There will be plenty of areas to relax during the day; with bars and seating under the cool shade of the large historic trees and palms which are scattered throughout the grounds. 


Reimagining and bringing back to life the old abandoned Myer building with its frozen glamour, spread across multiple levels and alcoves. Get ready for bunkered basement danceterias, interactive art installations, unexpected performance areas, makers markets, strictly limited rooftop glamping and heaps of surprises in-store.  


The Danceteria at Falls Downtown is hidden away deep in the dark basement gallery of the MANY makers’ markets in the old Myer building. It’s where the festival literally goes underground and plays host to the absolute cream of WA’s underground electronic music crews, co-ops and collectives.These motivated communities of artists, producers, organisers, movers-and-shakers are at the core of what keeps WA supplied with interesting parties, events, releases and happenings all year-round. It’s therefore our pleasure to hand over the keys to the Danceteria to each of these communities so they can show the Falls Downtown audience exactly what they do. Expect nothing but audio and visual goodness from: PILERATS · THE COMMUNITY · FUNGLE CLUB · BOOGIE NIGHTMEDIA · POLYRHYTHMIC  · CAMP DOOGS and a special live performance by KARI FAUX.    


The majestic Fremantle Town Hall has seen dances, socials, shows, concerts, weddings, dinners, meetings, protests, rallies and more in the heart of Fremantle since 1887. By putting in the best and most authentic old time music, the hall will be accompanied by craft beer bar, communal furniture and more to bring out the charm of this beautiful space. If you need to change the pace, escape the outdoors, or the modern world, then enter this historic hall and go back in time with swing, jazz, blues, country, soul and more! As BLIND TIGER and his world famous home-made BOOGIE BOX play host to the likes of MANHATTONS HOT SWING · STONEY JOE · LUKE DUX & ATOMIC LUNCHBOX · JIMMY MAC · SWING DANCERS and much, much more! 


St John’s Anglican Church let’s laughter in to our hearts at Falls Downtown as some or our best national and local comedy artists preach their own hilarious sermons throughout the day in search of mass laughter and/or redemption in this lovely 1843 church building. So take a pew and have a laugh or two at the Church of Heavenly Delights with acts such as JOEL CREASEY, MC ANDY SAUNDERS, THE STEVENSON EXPERIENCE, AUNTY DONNA, MC IVAN ARISTIGUIETA, WA’s legendary improv riot THE BIG HOO-HAA, BULLSH*!# TRIVIA, THE TOR-NIGHT SHOW and a cast of WA’s finest stand-ups strutting their stuff at the golden lectern in LOCAL LAUGHS. It’s a religious experience not be missed brought to you by WA’s finest comedy producers GELO!