1300 Band


Sydney-based Korean-Australian rap crew 1300 are rewriting the rulebook because there’s no blueprint for what they’re doing. Composed of rappers rako, goyo, DALI HART, producer-singer, Nerdie, and producer, pokari.sweat, the group subsume the sounds of abrasive Soundcloud rap, sweat-doused electronic music and the feverish pace of 90’s breakbeat. With frantically genre-bending production born from everything-goes studio sessions, gritty vocals ground the melee-like production with welcome levity.

Their lyrics, a language-melding melange of Korean and English, concentrate the strength of their personalities into one seamless whole, the group’s prodigious chemistry on full display. With their first three singles, ‘Brr’, ‘No Caller ID’ and ‘Smashmouth’ 1300 have already amassed praise from the likes of Rolling Stone Australia, NME, Acclaim Mag, Sound Doctrine and top Korean rappers Paloalto & Lil Boi, notching up a slew of notable support slots for Genesis Owusu and PNAU, and appearances at Field Day, Sydney Festival and Wildlands – and now it’s Falls Festival’s turn! With one foot in Korea and the other in Western Sydney, 1300’s music embodies the abundant possibilities that emerge when you have to find your own way, existing between and across cultures.