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Garrett Kato

Garrett Kato

The strangest of journeys make for the most intriguing of stories—and records, for that matter. Garrett Kato embarked on such a trip. The Canada-born and Byron Bay-based path twisted and turned in the most wild and wonderful of ways and brought him to his forthcoming 2019 EP debut for NETTWERK. Rather than assume another nine-to-five, Garrett made a living busking Down Under. Not only did he play publicly for tourists and passersby in Byron Bay, but he also often performed five gigs a week at bars, cafes, and anywhere else with a stage. By doing so, he eventually caught the attention of some of Australia’s biggest superstars (despite not knowing they were famous). Pete Murray & Kasey Chambers both became fans after witnessing him perform on the street. That tireless grind paid off as he toured relentlessly alongside both acts.