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Golden Features

Golden Features


The masked vigilante of Australian dance music, Golden Features aims to blow your musical mind in the most mysterious way possible. Busting out in 2014 through ‘Tell Me’, his collaboration with golden girl Nicole Millar, our man was then tapped by US artist Porter Robinson to remix his banger ‘Years of War’. That track went viral almost immediately and set Golden Features up for several years of globetrotting endeavours. Swift with a hook and deadly with a collab, the man known to his mates as Tom Stell has worked with the likes of Thelma Plum, Julia Stone and Alison Wonderland in producing tunes that pop up in the Hottest 100 like clockwork. With new album SECT having just dropped and a huge new stage show ripping around the country - on stage he is nothing short of an audiovisual mastermind.