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Onsite Facilities

We have all of your creature comforts covered. The following are some of the important things in life you’ll find onsite:

Spacious, well serviced, award-winning toilets
Warm and cold showers
Medical Centre located between the festival site and campgrounds
Security to keep you safe
Staff and volunteers to answer your questions
Camping Marshals and Info Staff in the campgrounds
General Store where you’ll find everything you need
Free fresh drinking water refill stations
Garbage and recycling bags handed out on arrival
Bars with a great variety of beverages
Breath testing facilities
Cash withdrawal facilities
Buses to and from town
Workshops and activities
A wide variety of food options (including vegetarian and vegan)
Market Stalls
Sloping natural arenas to laze about during the day
Info Centre in the Main Festival area (lost property is located here)