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Police & Security

Falls is like a mini village and like all towns we have law enforcement. Police, sniffer dogs and security are present at the festival to keep you safe. Say hi to the team, do the right thing and please report any issues that you have to our staff, security, police or information stations. Drug and booze buses will also be operating on roads leading to and from the festival. And be reminded that fence jumping is strictly prohibited and subject to heavy fines.

If you are arrested your wristband will be removed immediately and your ticket will be cancelled. Falls Festival works alongside the Police with a zero tolerance policy. If you receive an infringement from Police and have any questions regarding this matter Falls has a free legal advice tent run by Randall Legal (located near the medics tent).


There will be both bag and vehicle searches upon entry to the festival site and this process will likely cause some delays. Every vehicle headed to the campgrounds will be checked at some point during the entry process. Please be patient and make it an opportunity to say hello to the people next to you. These procedures are necessary for everyone’s safety so please take it in your stride and work with the event and security staff to make the process as easy and quick as possible.  


ANY BAGS over 30 cm wide x 20 cm high will not be allowed into the event area so pack light and embrace the #bumbag or should we say #fannypack. Any bags larger than 30 cm wide x 20 cm high must be checked in to the Cloakroom located at the Main Festival Entry prior to entering the festival. Campers – you can take larger bags to the campgrounds but not into the event area. There is an exception to this, bags to house essential medical items will be allowed into the event area, however these bags and items will be subject to a search each time you enter the event area. We thank you for your support and patience. Check out bag sizes HERE


There will also be wanding. This is just like walking through that metal detector thing at the airport only this time it’s a wand. It’s going to slow down the entry process so be prepared for some delays. Your patience is appreciated.


If you bring an oversize bag to Falls you’ll be required to cloak it in our secure cloakroom located at the Main Festival Entry. Bags will be searched before they are cloaked. You can use your card or mobile to make payments at the Cloakroom.