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The Arts


La Henge at The Grove 

Parklands will play host to La Henge at The Grove – an arts and culture extravaganza incorporating everything from home-grown live bands to art installations, nice-time rock n’ roll yoga, comedy and anything else fit to be imagined.

A cavalcade of delights awaits, including cardboard battlefields created by Boxwars, a rip snorting punk showcase programmed by local DIY legends Howl & Moan Records, the inclusive dance stylings of Bring A Plate and daily comedy and workshops curated by the infamous troublemaker Mandy Nolan.


Daily workshops & masquerade party at the Cardboard Clubhouse, and an epic cardboard battle!

Boxwars is both art and destruction using the near perfect medium of cardboard. The point is to build something from cardboard, then destroy it. The battlefield is a place of contradictions – burrowed originality which sets a perfect stage for war. There are no winners at a Boxwar battle only losers.

Be prepared for a battle of epic proportions featuring cardboard cavemen, sabre tooth tigers and a giant woolly mammoth.


Howl and Moan Record’s in Byron is an institution for up and coming bands – where live gigs occur inside the tiny shop weekly. Think CBBG’s meets Palladium every Tuesday night. Curated by Mario (owner of Howl and Moan Records) the record store will debut for the first time at Falls Byron, with a residency program for up and coming bands – who will play nightly in this record store venue.


Daily workshops and roaming performances.

Prophets are a collective from the Stylefree Planet with outposts in Melbourne and Sydney. They have been sharing their Stylefree art and culture since 2007 and they’re universally renowned for their spirited music made with multiple saxophones, percussion, and original instruments. 


Bring A Plate are an inclusive dance company based on coming together, sharing,
diversity and party vibes. Founded in 2017 by Zoe Mitchell and Erika Goldsmith, this dynamic duo have abackground in dance, community development and facilitation. They
started Bring A Plate to challenge Australian society's perception of who can dance, how to dance and where to dance. BAP are based in Brisbane and run weekly casual outdoor dance classes as well as a performance crew called "The People" who specialise in flashmobs and party starting.


Daily Comedy & Workshops curated by Mandy Nolan

Mandy Nolan is notorious in the Northern Rivers, a genuine one woman riot curating the best comedy acts sourced locally. Organic and pesticide free.


Daily Morning Yoga Classes

Rock & Roll Yoga mornings with Jimmy Hancox of Nice time Yoga, daily at Stonehenge – what a way to end and start the year.


The wishing tree ritual at La Henge is inspired by the Shinto and Buddhist practise of attaching small text or image inscribed tags at a shrine for spirits to receive them. Falls guests can leave their personal New Year’s Wish at our Wishing Tree shrine created by Byron Bay artists Maggie Schreiber & Michael Donnelly. By attaching the wish plaque to a collective shrine, the effect is to symbolically liberate the spirit of the wish into the world.