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Please follow the directions given to you on your Car Pass. Be careful when driving on the dirt roads leading to the festival, follow the speed limits, traffic controllers, festival signage and stay on the left side of the road.

There are thousands of people trying to enter the site at once so there will be small delays when arriving the festival, be patient, know that we are moving people in as fast as we can and have all of your Tickets and Car Passes ready and on the vehicle dashboard. A Falls playlist in the car always makes this part of the trip a little more fun.

When exiting the festival please take your time. Our caterers will be open until the afternoon, get a bite to eat, have a coffee and wait for the road congestion to ease.


There will be both bag and vehicle searches upon entry to the festival site and this process will likely cause some delays. Every vehicle headed to the campgrounds will be checked at some point during the entry process. Please be patient and make it an opportunity to say hello to the people next to you. These procedures are necessary for everyone’s safety so please take it in your stride and work with the event and security staff to make the process as easy and quick as possible. We thank you for your support and patience. Check out bags sizes here.

For updates, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


THERE IS NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS to North Byron Parklands. You will not be able to walk to the festival from nearby locations.

Falls Byron Drop Off / Pick Up point is clearly signed and just inside the main entrance of North Byron Parklands off Tweed Valley Way. If you are getting dropped off or picked up, please follow the signs to this area.

If you are a driver please DO NOT Drop Off / Pick Up patrons along Tweed Valley Way or surrounding areas. This is dangerous, not only for pedestrians and vehicles, but also causes traffic delays. Fines will apply.

Dropping off on local roads will leave you with a long dangerous walk to get to the festival entry gate. Not only that but working out where to be picked up is even harder, leaving you waiting on the road side whilst your lift tries to negotiate the changed traffic conditions put in place to assist the exiting traffic.

Be sensible: Catch one of our local buses or, if you are getting dropped off, follow the clearly marked signs to the designated Drop Off / Pick Up point just inside the main entrance at North Byron Parklands.