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Planting her flag bravely on the border of several genres, Brisbane gem Mallrat glides across disciplines with ease. One second she’s rapping, next she’s sweetly crooning and next thing you know she’s whipping up danceable beats with the ruthless skills of an artist twice her age. Her debut single ‘Suicide Blonde’ made a seismic impact on the Australian music scene with its irresistible hook and razor sharp lyrical dimensions, thrusting Mallrat onto stages in venues that she couldn’t even legally set foot in at the tender age of 17. Mentored by festival royalty in Allday, she has since honed her craft and built up a fantastic catalogue of multicoloured tunes including ‘Better, ‘Groceries’ and ‘UFO’.

Falls Downtown 2019 will once again be taking over the Fremantle Oval Precinct along Parry Street and will be incorporating and reimagining historic sites, streets, carparks and buildings to delight, entertain and inspire our audiences and artists. Our unique passouts policy will also continue to retain free flowing access to all of Fremantle’s many delights during the weekend of Jan 05 and Jan 06 - Fremantle Markets, cafes, restaurants, retailers, artisans, tourist sites, the port, Bathers Beach and more.