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The Falls Rulebook

We don’t have a lot of rules at Falls but the following are ones that we take very seriously.

No BYO alcohol, it forms part of our liquor license and we will be searching cars on arrival. If found with BYO alcohol both you and your passengers will be ejected from the festival site without a refund. Don’t risk it.

No glass onsite, please empty anything that is in a glass container to plastic before you leave home.

Falls is a TOTAL FIRE BAN site – official fire officers will be patrolling to keep things cool and hand out fines to those who do not respect these restrictions. If you have a gas bottle that you need for additional traveling either side of Falls you can drop this at our amnesty for a gold coin donation and collect it as you leave.

No recording, please respect our artists and do not record their performances.

Respect the festival boundaries and stay within the permitted fence zones.

Please keep the internal festival roads clear for emergency vehicles and rubbish collection.

No couches at the festival. Whilst we appreciate the need for comfort, there are too many left behind as landfill. Bring folding chairs and hammocks instead and please take all camping equipment home with you.

Don’t drink and drive. We have breathalysers available to test your levels and ability to get behind the wheel; do not risk the safety of yourself or others on the road.

No animals or pets are allowed at the festival.

Please put your rubbish in the bins and recycle where you can; keep your campsite clean.

Look out for others, if someone looks like they need help please notify our staff to assist.

If it’s illegal offsite then it’s illegal onsite, police and sniffer dogs will be in attendance at the festival keeping an eye out. If you see any unsafe behaviour please report it to staff, security, police or the Information Stations.