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Banned Items

Staff, police, sniffer dogs and security will be searching ALL cars on arrival. Harsh penalties including immediate ejection from the event, fines and possible criminal charges apply to those found carrying any of the following items.

BYO alcohol from home
Fireworks, flares & sparklers (all strictly monitored)
Gas bottles or cooking facilities with a naked flame
Glass of any kind
Illegal drugs
Pets and animals
Sound systems
Bean bags
Umbrellas (use raincoat, poncho instead)
Professional cameras or recording devices
Flyers, signage or sampling products that have not been approved by Falls.
Nitrous oxide canisters

Bag Sizes

ANY BAGS over 30 cm wide x 20 cm high will not be allowed into the event area so pack light and embrace the #bumbag. Campers – you can take larger bags to the campgrounds but not into the event area. There is an exception to this, bags to house essential medical items will be allowed into the event area, however, these bags and items will be subject to a search each time you enter the event area. We thank you for your support and patience. Check out bag sizes HERE.