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The Village 


The Village will descend on the beautiful Otway forest in Lorne, as some of the finest eccentric entertainers in Australian strut their stuff.

Minds will be blown by the interactive multi-art ride Book of Walls, stages will be slayed as the Baby One More Time workshop allows attendees to channel their inner Britney, vocal chords will be destroyed as Klassy Karaoke rings in the New Year and jangled nerves will be soothed by the warm folk of GraceJean and the woozy synth-pop of Cool Explosions.

In the spirit of all this fun, Falls will also introduce a fancy-dress theme for the first day of every festival. The flavour is Meme Theme, so don’t be surprised if you run into a few Crying Kim’s, Super Bowl selfie kid’s or post-surgery grape’s as you roam the festival.


Book of Walls
The Book of Walls is an interactive, wild multi-art ride of the imagination. Choose one of many paths through the Book – from the making space where you create your own dream persona, to the immersive one-to-one sonic-visual meditation contained in the surreal environment of the Book’s pages. Enter into conversation with curious and disembodied tones and echoes under the falling sun or simply write/sketch your thoughts into our evolving collaborative art-film. Your participation in the Book will be long and short, deep and shallow, intense and mild. A perfect place to suspend, rewind, conjure and recreate your sense of self. Add your story to the biggest book ever bound.
29 December, from 1pm
30 December, from 12pm
31 December, from 12.30am (films)
31 December, from 12pm
1 January, from 12.30am (films)

"Baby One More Time" Dance Workshop                                Its Britney B*tch - A Beginner-Friendly Come and learn how to slay the stage like Britney in this beginner-friendly dance class! There will be hairography, jazz hands and body rolls as we try and recreate the Baby One More Time Dance.

30 December, 2pm 

10 Minute Dance Parties
DJ FRANFINE - will be rocking the shipping container cum inflatable nightclub hard - but only for ten minutes. A euphoric experience that must be experienced to be believed.
31 December, 12.30am

1 January, 12.30am

Evil Bingo
Bingo brings people together for harmless fun. Evil Bingo tears people to shreds and doom befalls anyone who marks down a wrong number! “Number 14, I’m going to eat your spleen”. Eyes down.
29 December, 3pm
30 December, 3pm
31 December, 3pm

Guess Who? Tarot

I know! It's Maria! Or is it...? Receive a personalized glimpse into your future using the power of Milton Bradley's iconic Guess Who? cards.
29 December, from 1pm
30 December, from 1pm
31 December, from 12pm

Hair Salon

Glitter Braids, Hair Styles, Blow waves, Glitter and Face Art.
29 December, 1pm
30 December, from 12pm
31 December, from 12pm

Klassy Karaoke

The Village presents the REAL stars of the Falls Festival. You've seen the main acts - now it's *your* time to shine.
31 December, from 1.15am
1 January, from 12.30am

Red Cross Op Shop
Red Cross Op Shop stocks everything from brand new denim jackets & jeans to summer fun & colourful clothing to get you in the festival vibe. Even socks, beanies, scarves & blankets for those that forgot. All of our staff are volunteering so 100% of all revenue goes to Red Cross.
29 December, from 1pm
30 December, from 10am
31 December, from 12.30am
31 December, from 10am
1 January, from 12.30am

So You Think You Can Interpretive Dance
This is a Village favourite! This show calls on the audience to interpretive dance to a song they don't get to choose. Hilarious! Hosted by the inimitable Lisa Skye.
31 December, 1pm 

The Dance Project
The Dance Project is an inhibition liberator machine with one mission: keep the dance alive. Leave your insecurities at the door and join this immersive, participatory dance experience Inspired by the iconic dance films of the 80s.
30 December, from 11.00am
31 December, from 11.00am

The Loveable Abomination
On the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, visit Professor Jorkoff's stomach churning laboratory. This grotesque, satirical interactive installation is from a world where science and creation intersect. Ethics approval pending.
31 December, from 12.30am
1 January, from 12.30am

The Wedding Factory
The Wedding Factory is back at the Village to make all your dreams come true, and maybe some of your better nightmares. Expect laughs, tears, broken hearts and wonderful memories. Think we are joking? Come find out.
29 December, from 1pm
30 December, from 1pm
31 December, from 12pm

Start your Falls day with a healing stretch and an alignment of mind, body and spirit.
30 December, 10.00am
31 December, 10.00am


Cool Explosions
Combining elements of pop, synth wave & proto-techno with woozy, circuit bent RnB auto-neuroticism, Cool Explosions conjure expansive worlds of urgent cinematic electronica.
31 December, 12.30am
31 December, 11am

Democrative People's Republic of Surf
DPRS are a small surf nation producing some of the finest big wave hits and rolling melodies. All visitors are strongly advised to paddle on down.
30 December, 11.00am
1 January, 12.30am

GraceJean is a folk duo whose warm, honest sound and heartfelt storytelling is abundant in rich harmonies, intricate guitar lines and compelling lyrics.
29 December, 4.30pm
31 December, 2.15pm

Mr. Manifold & The Resolution
Introducing the multiverse of Electric-Funk-Hop that is Mr. Manifold and the Resolution. A polychromatic synthesis of beats, vox and horns, painting with wavelengths and sculpting with frequencies.
31 December, 1.50am
31 December, 5.15pm
1 January, 4.20am (DJ set)

Pigeon Presents
Rhythmic, cinematic, folk-jazz collected from various places. You could dream to it, you could sing to it, you could even dance to it.
29 December, 1pm
31 December, 3.15pm

The New Monos
With their roots in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Melbourne-based band The New Monos mix Reggae, Folklore, Cumbia, Rock, Rumba, Hip-hop and Latin beats.
29 December, 2.30pm
31 December, 3.10am 

The Pirate Ska Rebellion
Comprising of talent from all over the globe, The Pirate Ska Rebellion fuses ska, dub, reggae, hip hop and Latin influences to create a forcefully spirited musical experience.
30 December, 3.15pm
1 January, 1.50am

The Seduceaphones
An 8-piece Balkan brass powerhouse, The Seduceaphones have branded a fusion of both culture and innovation that is truly unique. Be seduced!
30 December, 12pm
1 January, 3.10am

VanderAa’s sound blends a mix of drum, djembe, beatboxing, didgeridoo, guitar and vocals. You can feel the intention they breath into their words, the energy they move through their instruments and the connection they create with their audience.
29 December, 3.30pm
30 December, 4.15pm
31 December, 12.00pm


Circus AF
Four acrobats pack a punch, wow-ing you with group acrobatics, eye-catching juggling, Chinese spinning meteor and hula hoops. It's Circus As F***!
29 December, 3.15pm
30 December, 1.45pm
31 December, 11.45am

Clara Cupcakes
WHOM is Clara Cupcakes. An oddball comedian? An award winning burlesque artist? A sketch writer? A weird art kid? You’re cordially invited to a party in Clara’s cerebral sphere where all these personae are welcome.
29 December, 1.00pm
30 December, 2.30pm
31 December, 11.45am

Dazza and Keif
Dazza and Keif are best mates and maddog breakdancers, here to show you their sik skillz and pash some hot chiks. Line up, ladies.
30 December, 11.45am
31 December, 2.15pm

Game Boys
Brothers Eden and Josh Porter explore growing up in the 90s, pop culture and the world of video games through stories, sketches and interactive audience participation.
29 December, 3.30pm
31 December, 12.45am
1 January, 12.45am 

Gentlemen's Club
A travelling gentlemen's club like no other. Watch and listen, in shock and awe as these respectable gentlemen regale you with stories of yore. Queer comedy vaudeville from POPOMOCO.
29 December, 1.30pm
30 December, 3.00pm
31 December, 3.00pm

Hairy Soul Man
Hairy Soul Man is an original comedy soul music extravaganza that will figuratively blow the clothing right off the listener using the sensual power of soul music.
29 December, 2.30pm
31 December, 1.45pm

Let's Get Wild
Dive deep into the wild world of planet earth. Get your toes in the mud, saddle up and discover the wonders that lay in nature's wilderness. Jungle comedy, circus & slapstick.
29 December, 2.15pm
30 December, 1.00pm
31 December, 12.45pm

Australia's favourite sparklepuppy muppet dominatrix is BACK at Falls! Come join the party. Stories, IRL Tinder, controlled anarchy and funny good times.
30 December, 12.30pm
31 December, 12.00pm 

Madhouse Circus
Bring your festival squad to watch BOSS SQUAD! Female acrobats smashing stereotypes while smashing out tricks! Flipping, flying and fierce.
29 December, 2.00pm
30 December, 11.45am
31 December, 3.00pm

Neal Portenza
Neal Portenza is a multi award winning comedy idiot who was supposed to retire from comedy. His retirement isn't going well.
31 December, 1.45am
1 January, 1.45am

Sweaty Pits!
Sweaty Pits is a chaotic sketch comedy tornado made of feminism, burlesque, lemons, unnecessary ‘80s aerobics and Magic Mike strip routines. Let’s get sweaty f*ckers.
29 December, 3.45pm
30 December, 1.45pm

The Burnt Sausages
Johnny Charcoal, Tina Tongs and SNAGZ have been charred, scarred and tormented with tongs. Prepare to be dunked in tomato sauce, coleslaw and processed meat anthems. Tong on!!
30 Decemberr, 1pm
31 December, 4.15pm