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Total Fire Ban

A comprehensive Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan for the Festival and surrounding environment has been completed with the Country Fire Authority, Event Fire Services, Surf Coast Shire and the Department of Sustainability and Environment. You can look forward to enjoying the Festival because it is safe to do so.

The Festival is safe because:

The Festival is surrounded by a wet environment, meaning a bush fire offsite would have little or no impact onsite.

Fuel reduction work has been undertaken (you might notice the low vegetation under the big trees around most of the venue has been removed).

The Festival is well resourced with a private fire service, lots of water, equipment and trained personnel.

You have an important role too. 

Falls is a safe place, however we all need to be sure that we’re responsible and doing the right thing. 

A total fire ban is in place, including camp stoves.

Gas bottles can be dangerous, please check yours in for safe storage via the Event Fire Services inside Gate 3.

Carefully dispose of cigarette butts and keep your campsite free from rubbish (fire fuel).

Flares and reworks are really dangerous – they can start fires whether they land on someone’s tent or out in the bush. They also malfunction and hurt people. If you see anyone with a flare or fireworks, report them to event personnel immediately. If you brought your own, leave them alone, you will be fined $2,000 by the Event Fire Services Australia if you let one off.

Smoke and embers onsite means that there is are offsite and the safest place to be is the Main Arena – stay at the Festival and in the Main Arena unless you are directed to leave. There are enough resources to keep you safe onsite.

Keep clear all roads and tracks throughout the Festival for emergency vehicles at all times.

In Case of Emergency:

  1. Report any emergency or unusual situation to event personnel immediately.
  2. Always remain calm and walk rather than run.
  3. The Main Arena is a “safe place” and is the emergency assembly point during the Festival, unless instructed otherwise.
  4. Stay at the Festival venue. You will be directed to leave only once it is safe to leave.
  5. Keep clear all roads and tracks throughout the Festival for emergency vehicles at all times.
  6. You will be kept fully informed through the main stage speakers, loud hailers, super screen and trained personnel.
  7. Always follow instructions from trained personnel and look out for yourself, your friends and others at all times.