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The environment is very close to our heart at Falls – just check out our stunning location and you will see why! Here’s a list of what we do, and what you can do, to live the green dream.


  • We live by the 5 Rs of sustainability: Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.
  • We love our loos! Our composting toilets are flush free, water free and chemical free. We treat all of liquid and solid waste onsite – so there is no need to transport it elsewhere. The solid waste is turned into a usable product that feeds our onsite lavender farm –we then use the lavender in the toilets during the festival. Complete cycle!
  • We’re passionate about sorting rubbish. Our amazing Green Team separate all festival rubbish into multiple streams, to divert as much from landfill as possible. Aluminum/plastic, glass, organic waste, cardboard and waste oil are all separated. This year we’re focusing on organic waste – adding new bins onsite for all your food waste and all compostable food packaging from vendors. We will treat this waste onsite, in our fancy new compost facility.
  • We reward green traders. Traders are required to use compostable serving ware. We encourage local products and the most innovative environmental trader wins the Green Trader Award. EVERYTHING you receive from food stalls can go into the new green organic waste bins (even cutlery and packaging). Leftover food is donated to the charity Loaves and Fishes.
  • We’re op shop fanatics. The vast majority of the furniture, staging and structures onsite are built using recycled or upcycled materials. We mill our own timber onsite, we’re regular customers at tip shops and second-hand stores and we hoard materials like nobody’s business until we find a new life for them.
  • We’re building a Camp Crew. This year we will have a dedicated team hanging out with you in the campgrounds – helping you keep your camps clean and filling you in on all the green initiatives we have onsite. Keep your eye out for them – they are there to help you navigate a safe, clean and respectful festival.
  • We keep it local. We care about community engagement. We have a Community Fund whereby $1 from every ticket sold is donated to community projects. Marion Bay Falls has donated $183, 857.00 through this fund facilitating projects such as filmmaking & farmers markets, solar panels & sporting equipment, concerts & conservation, playgrounds & viewing platforms and lots more. 
  • We offer opportunities. We love working with others. We collaborate with many groups such as the Migrant Resource Centre, Loaves and Fishes, University of Tasmania, The Bob Brown Foundation and Music Tasmania to help them expand and grow and bring positive impacts to their communities.
  • We educate and empower. Falls delivers a safe and respectful learning environment. The event is shaped by thousands of dedicated staff and volunteers and delivers important social, cultural and environmental information from start to finish. Information about our green initiatives is built into our inductions, so everyone is on the same page.
  • We reward good behaviour. We celebrate and reward patrons who assist us with our environmental mission. Our ’Recycle Reward’ competition dishes out free drink tokens to patrons who collect bags of recycling from the main arena. ‘Bin to Win’ is all about campground waste. By bringing their recycling and waste to our Campground Info Stations, patrons go in the draw to win VIP tickets to the Falls of their choice the following year.


Contributing to our green vision at Falls starts at home, when you are packing for the festival. Here are some things to think about in the lead up to the event and when you are onsite:

  • Think very carefully about what you are going to pack. Do not bring anything that you are not committed to taking home with you after the show. No plastic bags. No straws. No single use plastic anything if you can avoid it.
  • BYO good quality camping gear – and take it home with you. Nobody likes a cheap date – please bring a forever tent. Crappy, cheap, camping gear is so 2016. Invest in good quality gear that will hold up in the wild Marion Bay weather, and that you can use each year – or consider borrowing from family or friends. Tents should be an investment, not a single use product. A huge percentage of our festival landfill is your cheap camping gear. The amount of tents that were left behind at last year’s event was unacceptable. Please do your part to help lessen our footprint.
  • BYO reusable drink bottle and coffee cup. All vendors will offer coffee discounts for people with a BYO cup and there will be free drinking water all over the site. Keep hydrated for free while keeping the plastic bottles off the ground. 
  • Road trip with your mates to reduce the amount of cars on the road and emissions in the air. Plus, it’s always more fun to have a bigger crew! Or book a spot on our shuttle bus.
  • Clean up your act. Please pick up your rubbish and put it in the appropriate bins when onsite. All rubbish left behind runs the risk of blowing into the ocean at Marion Bay. You will be given rubbish bags when you arrive and you can get more. Tie them up when they’re full so the trash doesn’t blow away.
  • Become a bin boss. Bins will be clearly marked, but we need you to pay attention and use the right ones. If you are unsure, please ask our staff. Take your time, read the signs, get it right.

GREEN SIGNS = ORGANIC WASTE = food scraps, all food containers, napkins and cutlery from onsite vendors

YELLOW SIGNS = CO-MINGLED RECYCLING = aluminum cans and plastic bottles

RED SIGNS = GENERAL WASTE/LANDFILL = anything else, plastic bags, lolly and chip packets, nappies

  • Butt out. Never throw cigarette butts on the ground. Always use a bin.
  • Offset your travel emissions. Choose the offset option when you purchase your Falls ticket. For just a few extra bucks you can take responsibility for the emissions created by your travel to Falls by investing in the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project via the South Pole Group.
  • Leave the glass at home. No glass is allowed onsite. If it is broken and left behind, it can cause serious damage to the farm and the animals that live here. So please, don’t bring anything in glass.
  • Power down before you depart. Turn off your appliances at the power point before you leave home. Even appliances on standby consume power, so save yourself some money, energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.
  • Live it. Love it. Learn it. Learn a little by engaging with some of the not for profit, environmental and humanitarian stalls we have onsite. Learn about their campaigns and discover what else you can do outside of the festival to make the world a better place.