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The Village


Tasmanian troubadours are in for a treat as The Village is activated in stunning Marion Bay. Showing off a program rich with local music, comedy, dance and drama, the offerings available are as eclectic and quixotic as the Apple Isle herself.

Ready to be discovered are local bands like 12-piece Afro dance sensations Baba Bruja, 19-year-old indie whiz kid Carl Renshaw, improvisational jazz fusion masters CM3 and countless others. You could even form your own band after taking a sneaky instrument making class with BedlamMusic.

There’s also activations and shows galore including the strange self-help techniques of Damsels De-Stress, the chaotic (and self-explanatory) 10 Minute Dance Parties and the live food performance antics of The World Kitchen.


Baba Bruja

Hobart's very own all original high energy 12 piece Afrobeat Dance Orchestra. Featuring some of Tasmania's best loved jazz and funk musicians.

29 December, 8pm


Boogieman is a collaboration of Tasmanian musicians who share a love of funk, soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, afrobeat, reggae and all good music!! They bring fat grooves, soulful vocals and killer arrangements to the stage wherever they go!

30 December, 12.00am

Carl Renshaw

Influenced by Connan Mockasin, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Mile High Club, this 19 year old Hobart wunderkind plays Psych Pop meets experimental fuzz and noise.

1 January, 1.35am


An earthspun songstress with provoking lyrics and emotive melodies.Celeste Meincke's original sound borrows from roots, soul, folk and alt rock.

30 December, 5.00pm


With a mission to both disrupt and blast, CM3 is Hobart's only entirely improvised jazz-hop/fusion act. See CM3 before their massive egos become their personalities.

31 December, 2.30am

Easy Browns

Tight, manic, but don’t panic, this 4-piece psych rock band hailing from Melbourne is sure to satisfy your musical needs. Easy Browns bring the serious boogie to your feet with insanely catchy driving grooves, twisting your mind with uncanny and unpredictable changes that keep you pining for more.

30 December, 1pm (roving)
1 January, 12.30pm 

Instrument Making with BedlamMusic

Bedlam Music brings the recycled funk with this fun instrument making workshop. Flutes that are exciting to make and easy to play. Suitable for all ages

30 December, 11.30am

JAX and the Wayward

Female fronted, four piece powerhouse hard rock with a touch of funk! JAX and the Wayward is raw, driven, gutsy, energetic, and funky.

31 December, 12.00am

Jay Jarome

Hobart based singer songwriter Jay Jarome channels influences from Marvin Gaye to Jack Johnson to create a unique blend of Blues, Soul, R&B, Funk and Folk.

29 December, 11.00pm


Original alternative pop featuring vocal harmonies and melodic percussion. The Hobart-based four piece draw on their Tasmanian surrounding and experience to create new music that demands to be listened to.

31 December, 5pm

Kudu Joy

Fronted by Sabine Joy, Kudu Joy delivers moody grooves and RnB melodies with soul, honesty and clarity. The songs soar with rich vocals, dulcet harmonies and a superb rhythm section.

30 December, 4.00pm 


MILQUEBARTH has been a Hobart staple in the electronic music scene for the last two years. Using his iPad and an MPC app, Milquebarth never ceases to destroy floors with his trap infused footwork mayhem. Special guest in 10 Minute Dance Parties.

29 December, 8.00pm


moonglue serves up a sticky mess of hook heavy garage rock, modern psychedelia and just a taste of guilty pleasure brit-pop. Enjoy!

31 December, 1.45am


DJ/Producer duo from Tasmania currently living in Hobart with a flair for the funky and a love of bass. Expect glitchy electronic goodness and future bass so fat it would make your mama proud. 

1 January, 3.00pm

Slaughterhäus Surf Cult

Interweaving post-punk and surf music, Slaughterhouse Surf Cult play a blistering style of garage punk and deliver both theatrical and high-energy live shows.

31 December, 1.00am

The Stragglers

Ratbag Bluegrass and boozy folk tunes played by three sarcastic romantics. Chocked full of harmonies and sass, the Stragglers' refreshing style is all the fun without the hangover.

29 December, 11.00pm

Tom Hann

Tom Hann writes, records and produces music in his bedroom. Drawing influence from jazz and blues, Tom's smooth pop sound is both captivating and inviting.

29 December, 10.00pm


YSLA are a six-piece electro-pop band, with a unique take on the indie genre. Blend powerful vocals with a tasty burst of harmony, wrapped in layers of instrumental goodness, and you have YSLA!

29 December, 9.00pm


Damsels De-stress

Damsels are promoting their ultimate self-help book. Their unusual sales techniques include a luxurious shave in their spa, singing along to songs you've never heard and mild meditation. You may leave feeling like you've joined a cult.

29 December, 11.00pm
30 December, 1.30pm
31 December, 1.00pm
1 January, 1.30am

Dane Simpson

Dane Simpson is one of Australia's rapidly rising stars. Seen on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, at the Commonwealth Games Festival and "Have You Been Paying Attention?". Aborigi-LOL!

29 December, 10.45pm
30 December, 5.00pm
1 January, 3.00am

Dog Show

Dog Show is a mongrel bred from the irreverence of clowning, the glamour of drag and the absurdity of physical comedy.


29 December, 9.30pm
30 December, 3.00pm
31 December, 5.00pm (Best in Show)
31 December, 2.30am

F squared M

Falls mathematics that will have you fall for maths. Incredible number patterns,  Pi-ing around, networking and rooting. It'll turn your numerical nightmare into a dream.

29 December, 9pm
29 December, 10pm
30 December, 12am
30 December, 1pm
30 December, 2.30pm
30 December, 5.30pm
31 December, 12.00pm
31 December, 3.30pm
31 December, 5.30pm

Gillian English

Gillian English is a fast paced, high energy, hold onto your butts comic from Canada. She has an MFA in Shakespeare, and once farted herself awake in a strange man's bed.

29 December, 8.30pm
31 December, 1.30am
31 December, 2.30pm

Mr Snot bottom's Stinky Silly Show

Mr Snot Bottom is a deeeesgusting kids comedian brimming with all the gooey, smelly and yucky topics kids love! Be repulsed by horrible stories, gross gags and just wrong routines in this rollercoaster of weirdness that is perfect for weird kids aged 4 + and their even weirder parents!

30 December, 12.00pm
31 December, 1.00pm

Pretending Things Are A Cock

Experience the result of award-winning comedian Jon Bennett’s three years of global wandering, combining his artistic, phallic-filled photographic display with hilarious and surprisingly heart-wrenching tales from Bennett’s life.

30 December, 12am
31 December, 12.15am
1 January, 2am 

RIOT Comedy

Hosted by former child star and now recovering candy crush addict, Isabella Roldán, RIOT Comedy features the state’s meanest, freshest and most unapologetic comedy acts.

29 December, 8.00pm
30 December 4.00pm
31 December, 12.00am
1 January, 12.45am


10 Minute Dance Parties

Fotti P & Zios will be rocking the shipping container cum inflatable nightclub hard - but only for ten minutes. Spinning Bass house, Future house and Tech House there’ll be no shortage of amazing cuts to make sure this is a euphoric experience.

29 December, from 8.00pm
31 December, from 12.00am
1 January, from 12.30am 

Anna Kidd

Mystique. Intrigue. Confusion. Apprentice Tarot card reader on work placement ready to tell you your future (maybe. Accuracy not guaranteed).

29 December, from 8.00pm
30 December, from 10.00am
31 December, from 10.00am

Blow Flies

Two large blowflies wander the Village grounds, interacting with punters, drinking tinnies and enjoying the sun. They might buzz up to you to say g’day. Careful you don’t get spewed on!!

29 December, from 8.00pm
30 December, from 10.00am
31 December, from 10.00am

Bush Tucker Walk

Did you know that more than 200 native Tasmanian plants are used as food or medicine? Tasmanian Aboriginal Trish Hodge is an expert in Tassie’s native plant species. Join her for a short stroll and discover some of the amazing (and delicious) plant foods Tasmania’s bush has to offer, right here at Falls. Presented by Nita Education. Open to all ages.

30 December, 3.30pm
31 December, 3.30pm

Cultural Dance Workshop

Tasmanian Aboriginal man Craig Everett and his son Mitchem are renowned for their cultural dance. They travel the state teaching traditional dance and culture, this summer they’re here at The Falls Festival to share knowledge and skills. Two dance workshops are on offer, culminating in a ‘Flash Mob’ Cultural performance to be held on the evening of the 31st of December. Presented by Nita Education. Open to all ages.

30 December, 12.30pm
31 December, 12.30pm

Curious Bertha

Bertha heartily enjoys lifting people's spirits! She loves wandering the Village and offering intriguing gifts to festival folk.

29 December, from 8.00pm
30 December, from 10.00am
31 December, from 10.00am

Dog Show Costumes

A fun workshop making dog costumes for a catwalk. Make yourself into the person your dog would want you to be, no holds barred! You want to be a dog, no worries! You want to be a human that looks like a dog? Even better! Workshops during the day, then BEST IN SHOW will determine the best (fake) canine Falls has ever seen.

30 December, from 12.00pm
31 December, from 12.00pm. Best in Show at 5pm

Eye Am Hair

Enjoy a unique salon experience: Get a haircut or wash & blow dry inside a lush caravan or visit the Bohemian Braiding & Massage Tee Pee. Come on and treat yourself!

29 December, 8.00pm
30 December, 11.00am
31 December, 11.00am

Hand Stencils

Make your mark!!! Traditionally, hand stencils were made to represent a person's presence at a site, and some are over 20,000 years old! Join Craig and Mitchem Everett, proud Tasmanian Aboriginal men and leave your mark on The Falls Festival 2018. Presented by Nita Education. Open to all ages.

30 December, 2.00pm
31 December, 2.00pm

Life and Line

Drawing from life helps you see the world in a new way. This workshop will create space and time for as many people as possible to draw from life, whether this be drawing the Tasmanian Wilderness or drawing the human nude.

30 December, 2pm & 4pm
31 December, 2pm & 4pm 

Mamma Rosa's Tombola (Bingo)

Buxom and irrepressible, Mamma Rosa calls Tombola (Bingo)! With home-made prizes and laughs-a-plenty. Go on, you know you want to! Eyes down!!

yes Mamma Rosa

29 December, 10pm
30 December, 2pm
31 December, 2pm


Join the Easy Browns and Dog Show in this Village tradition. All welcome, make a costume during the day at The World is Your Oyster, Bae! workshops and party into the night!

1 January, 1.15am 

Rhythmz Bollywood Dance Workshop

Wear your most colourful clothes, earrings and bangles to join us in a fun-filled energetic Bollywood dance workshop. No experience necessary.

30 December, 12.30pm
31 December, 12.00pm

Roman Astra and Blue Flag

Interactive storytelling with improvised music. Think Brothers Grimm doing Mindfulness to the sounds of The Flaming Lips. Perfect if you're nursing a child or a hangover, too young for the mosh pit, or old enough to know better.

30 December, 11.00am (Salt Peter and the Wolfman)
31 December, 11.00am (The Girl With Wings)

So You Think You Can Interpretive Dance

This is a Village favourite! This show calls on the audience to interpretive dance to a song they don't get to choose. Hilarious!

31 December, 4.00pm

Tai Chi Quan

Get into your flow - Hang from the sky, connect to the earth and  sink your centre. Engage your body with mindful meditative movement combining relaxation and intention.

30 December, 11.00am
31 December, 12.00pm

The Nuns

The intoxicated Sisters of the Unholy trinity will tantalise you with a night of sinful decadence and lustful intentions. Beware: they may bite.  

29 December, 8pm
31 December, 12.00am
1 January, 12.30am

The Rambler

Roll up Roll up, The Rambler is docked and ready to take you aboard. Nautical tales, mythological wonders and cabaret curiosities fresh from way out yonder.

29 December, from 8.00pm (installation)
30 December, from 12.00pm (storytelling)
31 December, from 12.00am (installation)
31 December, from 12.00am (storytelling)
1 January, from 12.30am (installation)

The World is Your Oyster, Bae!

Make something for the New Year's Eve parade! The world is your oyster,  bae! Work your craft magic inspired by beach life of Marion Bay & sustainability!

29 December, 8pm
30 December, 11am
31 December, 11am

The World Kitchen

The World Kitchen is a live food performance stage. Described as the imaginary love child of Nigella and the Swedish chef, The World Kitchen is a unique way to bring food, personal stories and performance together. Feed your soul, with local and visiting guests throughout the festival. Each night around midnight, see musicians cooking it up. On 31 December, kids are invited to join the antics at 11am, and then serve up a long-table-cum-hangover breakfast to parents at 12.30pm

29 December, from 8.00pm
30 December, from 12.00pm
31 December, 12.30am
31 December, from 11.00am
1 January, 12.30am


Twining is a skill handed down for generations. Join Trish Hodge & Jamie Graham, both proud Tasmanian Aboriginal people, for an hour of fun. You can make your own twined bracelet, or a hand fan as you enjoy The Falls Festival events and music. Presented by Nita Education. Open to all ages.

30 December, 11.00am
31 December, 11.00am


Start the morning with something to re-set your mind, body and soul.

Nomadic Wellbeing

30 December, 10.00am
31 December, 10.00am